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The Art of Warcraft [en]

2005.12.08 14:36 | [in English], WoW, WWW

Do you think that „World of Warcraft” is funny? If you don’t – check the link below. If you do – check it even harder!

„Players complaining about latency, certain game servers being completely unavailable for days and how bright the sun is outside are awarded 10 days of gameplay free for the inconvienience.”

That’s just a quote from The Art of Warcraft: A Year in Review. A must see!

Sloganizer [en]

2005.12.05 13:27 | [in English], Fun, WWW

There is a new rush on TPO/TOO forumsSloganizer.net. Enter your nickname, name, alias and find out what can be said about you in sloganized style.

generated by sloganizer.net

Quest for Tea [en]

2005.11.03 16:17 | [in English], Fun, WoW

I’ve created a new item for WoW.

Hot Tea without Sugar
Hot Tea without Sugar
This item begins a quest
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 50
Cooldown: 10 min
Use: Restores all health and mana.
Increases stamina by +40 for 1 hour.

Funny?! Should be!

WRC – Season 2006 [en]

2005.10.27 07:54 | [in English], WRC

FIA has announced WRC events calendar for 2006! In 2007 there will be 8-9 rallies in January-May period and in 2008 WRC rounds will be held during… winter!

January 20-22 Rallye Automobile Monte-Carlo *
February 3-5 Uddeholm Swedish Rally **
March 3-5 Corona Rally Mexico *
March 24-26 Rallye de España **
April 7-9 Rallye de France – Tour de Corse **
April 28-30 Rally Argentina *
May 18-21 Rallye Italia-Sardinia **
June 2-4 Acropolis Rally of Greece *
August 11-13 OMV ADAC Rallye Deutschland **
August 18-20 Neste Rally Finland **
September 1-3 Rally Japan *
September 22-24 Cyprus Rally *
October 13-15 Rally of Turkey **
October 27-29 Rally Australia *
November 10-12 Rally of New Zealand *
December 1-3 Wales Rally GB **
* nominated round of the Production WRC
** nominated round of the Junior WRC

source: http://www.wrc.com

Slow WordPress publishing [en]

2005.10.05 14:48 | [in English], WWW

While publishing previous post I’ve noticed strange delay after pressing Save or Publish button. After doing some reverse-engineering stuff I’ve found out that WP engine seems to always ping back to links that are listed in post content. The more links in post you have, the more longer you wait. For me and previous post it was around 20 seconds!

The solution is to completly disable pingback and tracking mechanism. You can do it by removing or commenting out lines in post.php file in /wp-admin directory. Those are the nasty lines you have to get rid of:

199: register_shutdown_function('do_enclose', $content, $post_ID );
200: register_shutdown_function('do_trackbacks', $post_ID);

436: register_shutdown_function('do_trackbacks', $post_ID);
437: register_shutdown_function('do_enclose', $content, $post_ID );

I’ve also posted this solution on official WP forums here.

Hope it helps!

How to fix high latency in WoW? [en]

2005.08.17 12:39 | [in English], Windows, WoW

Well… My connection to internet is not as perfect as it should be, hence I had to seek for some „work-arounds” to keep my internet going at a decent speed. One of major problem with „World of Warcraft” is a very high latency in some situations. I’ve discovered, that the problem lies somewhere between my computer and WoW server. One of routers is faulty and data packages aren’t going as they should be.

But there’s a solution. By lowering MTU value for your internet connection you are able to play WoW without any problems. There’s a freeware, wizard-like tool, which is very helpfull in changing MTU and other connection related values. TZ Connection Booster is what you need! Set MTU as if you had modem connection (value: 574) and all your WoW connection problems should be gone.