Steam and Comodo Personal Firewall

2009.02.11 13:36 | [in English], Games, Windows, WWW

If you are a Comodo Personal Firewall user and you are also an active player on Valve’s Steam platform then you may have an issue with Friends panel on Steam unable to connect to the server. First you will see an information about connecting to Steam servers and then you will end up with an information that states: „No network connection could be made to the Steam servers. Steam will automatically retry connection until the service becomes available.” You may think, that the problem lies somewhere on Valve’s side but that’s not true. It’s your Comodo Firewall that’s messing around. All you need to do is to disable „Block fragmented IP datagrams” option under Firewall -> Advanced -> Attack Detection Settings -> Miscellaneous. This location is valid for Comodo Firewall 3.0.

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