FlagIt – WordPress plugin [en]

2006.01.24 19:07 | [in English], Wordpress, WWW

Flagit WordPress plugin is a simple „tool” which I have written to ease entering esport-style nicknames with flags. If you want to write such text

Rookie Unreal Tournament player [flag=pl] grocal managed to win close fight with [flag=eu] Chinax0r scoring 25:13. Let us hope this is not the last win of [flag=pl] grocal. GG & HF!

in WordPress posts then download this plugin, copy its content into /wp-content/plugins directory in your WP installment and enable it in admin panel. Then every usage of bbcode-like expression in format [flag=XX] will result in showing flag XX.png. For example entering [flag=pl] grocal results with [flag=pl] grocal showing up. Simple, isn’t it?

Plugin is based on GNU GPL Licence but it contains flags (162 PNG files) converted from those posted on http://ip2location.com which are free to use but may not comply with GNU GPL Licence.