Slow WordPress publishing [en]

2005.10.05 14:48 | [in English], WWW

While publishing previous post I’ve noticed strange delay after pressing Save or Publish button. After doing some reverse-engineering stuff I’ve found out that WP engine seems to always ping back to links that are listed in post content. The more links in post you have, the more longer you wait. For me and previous post it was around 20 seconds!

The solution is to completly disable pingback and tracking mechanism. You can do it by removing or commenting out lines in post.php file in /wp-admin directory. Those are the nasty lines you have to get rid of:

199: register_shutdown_function('do_enclose', $content, $post_ID );
200: register_shutdown_function('do_trackbacks', $post_ID);

436: register_shutdown_function('do_trackbacks', $post_ID);
437: register_shutdown_function('do_enclose', $content, $post_ID );

I’ve also posted this solution on official WP forums here.

Hope it helps!