How to fix high latency in WoW? [en]

2005.08.17 12:39 | [in English], Windows, WoW

Well… My connection to internet is not as perfect as it should be, hence I had to seek for some „work-arounds” to keep my internet going at a decent speed. One of major problem with „World of Warcraft” is a very high latency in some situations. I’ve discovered, that the problem lies somewhere between my computer and WoW server. One of routers is faulty and data packages aren’t going as they should be.

But there’s a solution. By lowering MTU value for your internet connection you are able to play WoW without any problems. There’s a freeware, wizard-like tool, which is very helpfull in changing MTU and other connection related values. TZ Connection Booster is what you need! Set MTU as if you had modem connection (value: 574) and all your WoW connection problems should be gone.